Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fresh And New . . .

Welcome to the fresh and new Just Jon!

I wanted to update the blog.

I created a new banner since most of the stories featured in the blog take place in San Francisco. I thought it would be great to make that part of the background theme.

The image of the Golden Gate Bridge is one of my favorite shots I have taken and I think it fits here nicely.

You will also find some slight layout changes. The Blog Archives are now located on the left hand side.

You will also see that Just Jon now has advertisements. This is in partnership with Google and the products featured are not necessarily condoned by me.

I hope you enjoy the update!


  1. love the layout, love the pictures, love your blog, love you

  2. Wow Jon the new layout is very professional looking!. Join Jaqueline over at the Academy and start a new major in Graphic Arts! You are multi-talented!!(But then isn't all our family?!!)