Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Oven Is Hot . . .

This is why I should not be allowed in the kitchen.

For some reason I think I am one step away from discovering the next "Nestle Toll House" cookie recipe and I refuse to accept that I should just stick to following the instructions on the bag.

I get these crazy ideas that I can just combine two products together and it will work out fine.

About two years ago I was sitting on the couch thinking about how much I loved Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins and how much I like Chocolate Chip Cookies and how amazing it would be if I could make a Banana Chocolate Chip Cookie.

So that became my mission. My first attempt used the Nestle Toll House recipe with a fresh banana mixed in. That didn't work out because the banana made the batter too moist and the cookies just spread out like a pancake. But I was not going to throw them out. I ate every horrible bite of those cookies.

My next attempt at Banana Chocolate Chip cookies I decided to again base it off the Nestle Toll House Recipe. This time however I threw in a package of banana pudding mix! This batch wasn't so bad. It was a little salty because there was salt in the pudding mix so I probably should not have added the salt that the Toll House Recipe called for.

My mom even got in on the act when she found Banana Extract at the store and bought it for me. (I have yet to try the recipe with the Banana Extract.)

All this leads to today when I started thinking about how great Cold Stone Cake Batter Ice Cream is. Wouldn't it be great to have a Cake Batter flavored cookie?

So that is when the hot mess of a cookie/cupcake/disaster shown above came to be.

I took Golden Yellow Cake mix and used parts of the Nestle Toll House Recipe again. But I couldn't just do that, no I felt these cookies needed a little extra umph. So I threw in Rice Krispies and Chocolate Chips.

I shoved those bad boys into the oven and proceeded to watch the cookie spread out like water across the cookie sheet.


I pulled the cookie sheet out of the oven and quickly tried to scoop up the batter and put it into cupcake foils.

Let's just say I am not even sure if these are edible.

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  1. the cookies look good to me, and i know i would not throw a crumb away.
    playing around with baking recipes can go wrong. baking is an exact art. or so say those chefs on the food channel.
    cooking other food, you can add things that appeal to your taste buds or delete flavors you don't like so much, and all still works out pretty well or deliciously.
    keep trying tho, and think, you get to eat all those mistakes and gain another pound. good luck
    love mom

  2. This is even better than when I was pregnant with babe #2, devoid of any coherent mental faculties, and proceeded to make Hamburger Helper for my family. I reread the directions THREE times, because I was having such a hard time figuring out the ratio of water to milk. It was a good thing that I made sure I doubled checked that I needed to use 2 cups of water. Especially since I didn't double check my brain, and so added 2 quarts (I can't stress enough how many times I checked that "2" written on the side of my measuring pitcher because something just seemed wrong!). I tried to convince Christopher for the better part of 15 minutes that it only needed a little extra time to thicken, before recognizing that we were eating diluted Hamburger Helper soup. I haven't made HH since.

  3. ok betty crocker, i almost peed my pants reading this blog entry. have your thought about googling, "banana chocolate chip cookies"? maybe you can find a recipe that will be to your liking.


    and actually they don't look that bad in the pic...i'd eat one!

  4. Your experimentation is what leads to eventual outstanding discoveries so keep it up. All recipes originated from someone trying a combo of something! I do have a banana chocolate chip cookie recipe that Jacqueline and I love. The cookie is not like a toll house but a moist banana cookie with chips thrown in. I'll send it your way!