Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breakfast At Your Table . . .

There is a sign that hangs from the side of the building on the corner of Columbus Ave and North Point declaring the "World Famous Breakfast" at Pergamino's. Every time I am riding the 30 Bus line and it makes the turn at this corner I look out the window and say to myself, "I need to try that place."

Well, I finally tried Pergamino's.

This quaint yet "aged" establishment offers a self serve coffee bar.

The host may have been a little too friendly for my taste, but he was very passionate about his restaurant.

I ordered the Specialty Omelet - Crab and Tomato. The omelet came with homemade sourdough toast and country potatoes.

I thought the omelet was a little pricey but I have to say it was full of fresh local crab meat. There was nothing imitation about it. The rich crab meat mixed with cheese and tomato made for one decadent omelet!

I also ordered a mocha and it was one of the better mocha's I have ever had.

Bottom line, the prices were little high, but the food was good!

Pergamino's is definitely worth a repeat visit!

The Song Of The Day - Superwoman by Karyn White

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  1. OOHH! Good morning! Thanks for that blog as I am off to eat my yogurt for breakfast. Actually yesterday Mike and I went to the Way Station which is our local breakfast dive that has THE BEST hash browns and biscuits and gravy on the planet. Then I wonder why my clothes are fitting weird. Maybe today I will start being good. We never tried that place in spite of all our stays at the Columbus Inn. We usually went to Pats or Mara's for pastries.Great this blog is NOT helping me on the day I was contemplating eating healthy. HAHA