Saturday, August 7, 2010

Like A Cat . . .

My cousin Jacqueline, whom Loyal Readers may remember from earlier blog postings, has launched a new business of cat inspired handmade knit ware. Also known as Cat Hats.

Jacqueline's Cat Hats are now being sold at the boutique P-Kok's three locations in the Haight.

On Friday night there was an Art Walk through the Lower Haight where Jacqueline's Cat Hats were to be worn during P-Kok's Burning Man Fashion Show.

After work I headed to the Haight to show support for my cousin's new business.

I tried on several Cat Hats and opted for a solid black version that matched my outfit.

For more information and pictures of Jacqueline's Cat Hats please visit her website:

The Song Of The Day - Like A Cat by Cyndi Lauper


  1. AWWW Jon I could just hug you! Thanks for this awesome blog and to get to see a picture of my Jacqueline and you wearing a cat hat. You wear it well! Thank you for supporting her. Grandma was smiling for sure to see you together. I still have the ball you crocheted for me waaaay back when.

  2. o great. love all three of you, jacqueline, jon and joanne. i hope i get to see these hats, or i mean buy one!
    love, mom aunt carol or great aunt