Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Begin To Wonder . . .

Embarrassing Moment Number . . .

Oh I have lost count at this point!

Please tell me I am not the only person this has happened to.

The other night I was getting ready for bed when I discovered that the pants I was wearing had a large tear near the back pocket. This tear was big enough to have exposed my chonies.

Immediately my mind went racing through the Seven Stages of Grief:

1. Shock and Disbelief

"What is this? My eyes must be tired and playing tricks on me."

2. Denial

"That is so not a hole."

3. Bargaining.

"God, I totally won't have a cupcake tomorrow if you erase this event from any one's mind who may have seen this hole."

4. Guilt

"This happened because I haven't bought a pair of the new Men's Khakis yet."

5. Anger

"WTF? These pants are not even that old!"

6. Depression

"If I was walking around showing my underwear all day and no one said anything to me; then I just want to close the blinds and never leave this apartment again."

7. Acceptance and Hope

"That hole could have been a lot bigger. I need to just get over it. Did someone say NEW PANTS?"

I have fully convinced myself that the tear happened after I got home and that no one could see my underwear because the jacket I was wearing would have covered the "goods".

So take that Hole In Pants!


  1. I agree with you. I bet you snagged your pants on the way into your building and no one saw your, ahem, "goods." And yey, time to go shopping! I hear Gap is having a Friends & Family promo....

  2. Yeah i totally didnt see a hole in your pants today either. must have been at home.

  3. also if it makes you feel better, while i was walking in the food court this evening, i slipped on something wet and as i went crashing to the floor in a panicked state of mind, grabbed some girl's arm who didn't even know. she looked at me like i was trying to steal her purse so she shook me back off violently.
    Evenetually, i landed in the slippery goo with people giving me pissed off looks.
    aah. another day in my shoes.

  4. laughing so hard at your readers comments, especially SK's. i had merely wanted to say that i agree with all your grief stages. you did a good job, retraining your mind set. maybe this one will help also, do not forget many of us like big butts. so does that make you feel any better? i thought not.
    love, mom
    o and thank goodness for gap's friends and family days coming up! (i am starting to wonder; was this all a planned blog to promote anything?)

  5. whatever your little heart wants to believe is ok with me! lol

  6. Ahh Jon, Stores are full of pants that are intentionally ripped all over the place. You were just being fashionable without planning that little "statement" Hope that helps! Maybe Gap could give you a bonus for trying to advertise the Men's chonies line!

  7. Who knew a hole in my pants would be such a popular topic!

    S and E - Oh my gosh... I heard Gap is having a promo too! LOL

    SK - Thanks for the encouragement, but the hole in my pants did not happen yesterday...DOH!

    Joanne - I actually bought my first pair of intentionally ripped jeans earlier this year. I have never been a fan of that style...and now that I own a pair...I am still not a fan of that style. =)

  8. HI Jon, Ran out to do some errands late this afternoon. When I got home I realized I had spilled stuff all over them earlier in the day. I asked myself WWJD What would Jon do about this one? HA!!

  9. i dont think ive ever seen "chonies" spelt out before... hahaha classic