Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just A Day . . .

After a failed attempt to get some work done at the office on Saturday, I decided to take full advantage of the second day in a row with afternoon sunshine. I think it has honestly been two months since the sun has graced us with its presence over this City. So these golden rays and blue skies were a welcome addition to the day!

My adventures included a stroll through the local artisans selling their craft at Justin Herman Plaza. I then crossed the street to the Ferry Building where the Saturday Farmers Market was taking place.

There were lots of fruits, nuts, pickles, honey, and candy to be sampled.

Also, who knew there was such a thing as "organic donuts?" (I was not a fan of the one I tried!)

After my stroll through the Farmers Market I walked back across the Embarcadero to take a closer look at the Vaillancourt Fountain.

I had no idea that you can actually walk through this piece of art!

On the way back to the office to pick up my car, I passed the Bow and Arrow and snapped a few more pictures.

Thanks for stopping by Mr. Sunshine, you are more than welcome to stay for awhile.

The Song Of The Day - Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton

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  1. wow, i love that video! so cool! yes i too don't understand organic donuts yet; i need to get more information on this. for a city that has not been showing much sun, it certainly looked like a lovely day for exactly what you ended up doing. maybe it wasn't quite as constructive as sitting at work, but i am sure your body and mind attained so much from this adventure.
    have another nice day.
    love, mom