Friday, January 14, 2011

Contest Day 4 . . .

Manacatti was the misspelled word that when "Googled" the number one search option was Just Jon.

Congratulations to Shamoli, Erin, Mom, and Jamie who all answered the question correctly.

One Loyal Reader said, "all i remember is that it started with an M and had an A and an I"  ... pretty good whomever you are!

On to Question # 4

Just Jon went to see what for his 16th and 36th birthday?


  1. Okay feeling pretty lame regarding your contest considering I read all your blogs and AM a loyal fan. Just a loyal fan with a bad memory. However I will venture a guess here and say a Debbie Gibson concert....2nd guess Madonna

  2. The Little Mermaid

    "Wish I could be.... part of your world!"

  3. I'm guessing STAR WARS.

    And, I retract my whine about Erin and I not getting full credit for Burberry 'coat' Girl.


  4. i've got to think about this. i'll be back
    love, mom
    o and could you refresh me on how old you are? no no no don't tell me; i don't want any help. i'll be back.

  5. do i get no help here? i thought you were at your mother and father's house. it was easter sunday. you hunted for not easter eggs, but latte's dog biscuits
    ( and found many ). did you go to see the priest at church? did you go visit your little grandma? i don't think so. i don't think we went to a movie. you probably went to a shopping mall and went into a gap store.
    i'm never going to win this apron.
    love, mom

  6. That would be the little mermaid. I assume you enjoyed the version you watched as a 16yr old more than 36 yr old?

  7. The Little Mermaid musical / ballet
    Winner, Winner,Chicken Dinner?