Monday, January 3, 2011

Perfect . . .

Jobs that would suck if you are a Perfectionist.

Execute the window display for the Spring Collection at CB2.  This window will align with current online marketing strategy and product assortment.

Implementation will involve perfectly lining up individual Post-it notes in alternating colors on an entire wall.

Degree of difficulty - Medium.

Hours to complete - (for the Perfectionist - this job will never be complete or good enough.)

The Song Of The Day - Perfect by Smashing Pumpkins


  1. How about having to glue individual feathers / hearts on to fishing lines. AE flash back.


  2. lines that are on a rotating wheel that gets tangled up every time a child runs through the window...or how about drowning the clothing in castor oil to make it look wet behind the "bubbles" on the glass...or how much windex does it take to apply a plastic decal with no bubbles on the window...or lets go way back to the GK where every mannequin had a broken wire frame and had to be tied in place because they couldn't stand on their own...and then there is the infamous picture of how not to change the window light bulbs in GK SB...I could go on for hours Jamie LOL