Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Contest Day 2 . . .

This was "Burberry Coat Girl" back in 2008!

Congratulations to the following Loyal Readers who answered the question correctly:

Shamoli and Megan!

Congratulations to the following Loyal Readers who were very close in their answer so are getting a point as well:

Dad and Erin!

And my favorite guess...but totally wrong...yet so true for the 30x:

"Oblivious iPhone Girl"

Thanks Jen for that one.  I may be using it in the future!

Question #1 is now closed.

Question #2

How many pennies were in Just Jon's Coca-Cola bank?


  1. Oh jeez. Do you need the exact number? I wanna say around 14,000 pennies but you only got like $125.00 since the Coinstar machines charge a fee.
    I do know you had to put them in two bags and you dropped one of the bags. And the first bag had less pennies than the second bag.
    And what was my answer for the Burberry girl? It was just yesterday but I already forgot my answer.

    This is fun :)

  2. 6k? I just remember it was like 50 or 60 bucks.

  3. i have noooooo clue. hopefully a lot. and then you bought yourself a present.

  4. 13,897...i think :P


  5. Question #2 is now closed.

    Best of luck on Question #3.

  6. erin, it doesn't seem that all of our added information is getting us any points. is just jon not impressed with us?
    and mary rich if you want to win, i'm pretty sure you've got to get your answer over on the blog comments. though i think your answer of tabitha, for the burberry coat girl was a good choice. good luck, we need your answers!
    love, mom casey