Friday, January 14, 2011

Contest Day 5 - The Final Question!

Yes Loyal Reader Jamie; "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"!  You along with Shamoli and Erin answered Question #4 correctly.

I went to see The Little Mermaid (with Shamoli so I was really hoping she would know the answer to this one!)

Interesting factoid - My 17 second YouTube clip from The Little Mermaid Ballet has been watched over 1,200 times (and the clip is not even that good!)

The Final Question for the contest:

In 2010 what did Just Jon give up for Lent?  For an extra point - How did he justify breaking his Lenten sacrifice?

Good luck with the final question!   

It's been a fun week engaging with you all!

The drawing for the Just Jon Apron 2011 will be on Monday!


  1. You gave up dessert. And you justified by looking up the definition and reading that dessert was the final course after a meal; therefore, you could have dessert as long as you didn't eat beforehand.
    And I still can't believe you tried to pass an Ice Blended from CB&TL as a Frappacino from Starbucks.

  2. You gave up desserts. I remember that your excuse was ripped by Joanne and Megan, whatever it was.


  3. You gave up dessert. You bent the rules by not eating "dessert foods" at night and eating them in throughout the day. And you looked up what dessert meant so you could figure out how to bend the rules!
    I still think that went against your lenten sacrifice! :)


  4. Okay I will get part of this gave up desserts..However the cupcake shop got you and you justified it as it being a meal or something like that. In any event keep this blog going as it is such fun!!!

  5. ok, another one i must think on. was it sweets and desserts in general or just chocolate? hummm. i'm saying desserts and yet he snuck in delicious coffee drinks as a treat, saying they were not a dessert. hopefully for at least the extra point, just jon would say that sunday was a free day. the day we often went to little grandma's, who was an excellent treat maker. i also seem to remember just jon's brother said something like, " all days were to be enjoyed. so go ahead and have the treat." forgive me big b if i am quoting you wrong.
    love, mom
    congrats to all the so far winners!

  6. WAIT!!! I remember the second part. You looked up the definition of dessert in the dictionary and found your loop hole!!! So if you ate a cupcake at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, as long as it wasn't WITH a meal you were home free.


  7. Dessert, and like Eve in the garden of Eden, you took a bite of the apple to aquire knowledge. i.e. you looked up the word. It's ok, we were alter boys.