Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heartburn . . .

One of the things my body has blessed me with since entering my thirties is acid reflux and heartburn.   Thanks self you rock!

I was in Walgreens the other day looking at medications to help the aforementioned afflictions when I noticed on the box for Prilosec OTC there was a list of tips for managing heartburn.

That is so helpful I thought to myself.   Let's see here . . .

1.  Do Not Lie Flat Or Bend Over After Eating.   

OK, so that is really going to hamper my TV time.  I lie flat on the couch eating while watching TV.

2.  Do Not Wear Tight Fitting Clothing Around The Stomach. pants are tight because I decided to lay down on the couch, eat, and watch TV rather than go to the gym, duh!

3.  Do Not Eat Before Bedtime.

Define bedtime please.

4.  Raise The Head Of Your Bed.

Like a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed?  Because I sleep on my stomach and those never looked like they would be comfortable for me.

5.  Avoid Heartburn Causing Foods Such As Rich Spicy, Fatty, Or Fried Foods, Chocolate, Caffeine, Alcohol, And Certain Fruits And Vegetables.

So this pretty much wipes out everything when the list contains both bad and good for you foods.  And we know I am not giving up chocolate.

6.  Eat Slowly And Avoid Big Meals.

I could handle this one.

7.  If Overweight, Lose Weight.

Please see my response to #1.

8.  Quit Smoking.

I am good with that one too.

After reviewing the list I saw the price of Prilosec OTC and opted for a bottle of Tums instead.

Take that heartburn!

The Song Of The Day - Heartburn by Alicia Keys


  1. Thought that it was just me. One day I was eating like I teenager and the next day I was rolling in pain saying, what the hell is this? Costco was a god send since you can buy 3 Prilosec boxes for the price of 1 1/2. After takine almost all of them I stopped to see if it came back and so far 5 days without meds and all is good. It sucks getting old.