Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Contest Day 3 . . .

Congratulations Loyal Reader Megan who was the only person to answer Question #2 correctly!

Just Jon's Coca-Cola bank had 13,897 pennies!

Miss Megan, you now have an additional entry into the drawing for the Just Jon Apron 2011!

Question # 2 may be closed but there are still three more questions to go, so if you haven't been able to answer a contest question yet, you still have a chance to win!

Question #3

In 2009, when you "Googled" this misspelled word; Just Jon was the #1 search result.

(I will accept both the correct and incorrect spelling of the word.)

Good Luck Loyal Readers!


  1. Manacotti!!!!!

  2. Megan is going down.


  3. I'm holding back and waiting for "Opera at the Ballpark" questions.

    Also think Erin and I should've gotten more than 1 point for our Burberry 'coat' Girl answer.


  4. o, was it manicotti? you know i could be doing better, but i am trying on my own. wish me luck.
    love, mom

  5. all i remember is that it started with an M and had an A and an I