Monday, January 10, 2011

Contest . . .


The Just Jon Junk 2011 product line is finally ready to be unveiled and it is available for purchase at the Just Jon Junk 2011 store located in the left sidebar of this page.

This year I have added some new and exciting products to the standard Just Jon Java Jug and Just Jon Junk Magnet.

In addition to these classics you can now . . .

  • Stay clean in the kitchen by wearing the Just Jon Apron 
  • Be warm on a cold day in a Long Sleeve Just Jon Graphic T or
  • Help save the planet by using a Just Jon Tote

But I figured what better way to celebrate the new collection than to give something away!

For the first time ever Just Jon will be holding a contest!

Over the next several days I will be posting trivia questions about past blog posts.

If you feel you know the answer to the question, leave the answer in the comment section for that question.  (Anonymous users please include your name with your answer.)  Each correct entry will be entered into a drawing.

(Answers to each question will only be accepted until the next question is posted. During the contest COMMENTS WILL NOT PUBLISH AUTOMATICALLY.  I will publish comments after that question is closed for answers.)

But that’s not all!  You can also get one entry into the drawing if you sign up to Follow Just Jon through Google Friend Connect under the Just Jon’s Loyal Readers section in the left sidebar on this page.

Are you on Facebook?  You can get one entry into the drawing if you add Just Jon to your “Likes” on Facebook.

“But Just Jon, what if I already am a “Loyal Reader” and I “Like” you on Facebook?” 

No problem, you can get one entry into the drawing for clicking on the “Discussions” Tab on the Facebook Just Jon Fan Page and answer the question, “What is your favorite Just Jon Post?"

The drawing will be held Monday Jan 17, 2011 and the winner’s name will be posted on the blog!

“Hey Just Jon, what is the prize?”

I am so glad you asked!  One lucky Loyal Reader will receive the brand new Just Jon Apron 2011!

So Loyal Readers, are your thinking caps on?  Are you ready to have some fun over the next few days?

Question #1

In 2008, what was the nickname I gave to a fellow bus rider who “steps in front of everyone who has been waiting in the cold for 30 minutes and pushes her way on the bus.”?

The Song Of The Day - No Contest by Delays (not available on iTunes)


  1. Burberry coat girl!!!!

  2. I believe her name was Burberry Coat Lady? I remember I liked her coat, but not how she pushed her way in front of you.

  3. JUST JON relatives should not be elagable. But I'll gues "BURBURY GIRL".


  4. well i'll be fair; i was thinking it was marina girl. now i am thinking i am wrong.
    i'll buy my own apron if i have to.
    love, mom

  5. Burberry Coat Girl!!

    ps-uncle jon, we got a bird!!

  6. it was like "oblivious iphone girl" or something like that... i totally remember thi spost

  7. Thank you to everyone who submitted an answer for this question.

    The correct answer is Burberry Coat Girl.

    This question is now closed.

    Please try your luck on Question #2!

  8. o man, i did not know it would be this hard. but you did find your shiny penny though didn't you? how much does that count for?
    love, mom