Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paint Me In. . .

From June 14 through Sept 28, 2008 the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is hosting a Frida Kahlo exhibition.  

One of the great advantages of working for my company is I get free admission to most of the museums in the city.

On Sunday some friends and I went to see the exhibit.  It was amazing!  I never thought I was a fan of Frida Kahlo but after seeing this exhibit I now am!

If you are in the Bay Area before Sept 28 I highly suggest taking the time to see the collection.

I don't think you are allowed to take pictures in the museum but I couldn't resist quickly snapping the above shot with my cell phone of "The Two Fridas."  


  1. thanks for sharing. maybe i'd appreciate her more too, if i saw the exhibit.
    love mom

  2. I’m not a Frida fan either but I now have an appreciation for her art. It's so tragic to see the raw depth of love she had for her unfaithful husband. It was also cool to learn her connection with San Francisco.