Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swing Batta Batta Swing. . .

Tuesday this week I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  I had the pleasure of being offered the chance to attend a Giants game with some very important people from work.

Our seats were in the Company box right along the first base line.

Sure, The Giants lost, but I don't think anyone was really shocked by that.

My one co-worker was surprised when I mumbled under by breath at one point, "Oh they walked him."  I think he had zero confidence in my knowledge of the game.  He looked at me and said, "Good, Jon."

Later in game my director said, "Jon, I didn't know you were so into baseball."  I replied, "I'm not."  But for my father and brother's sake I had better live this moment, because I know they would have really enjoyed it.

On a side note, in case you were not aware, above the bleachers in the outfield is a giant Coca-Cola bottle.  Get it, "GIANT" Coca-Cola bottle at the Giants game.  Anyway, inside the Coke bottle there are slides like at a playground.  Last summer when I went to a game I did go on the slides.  They are lots of fun, even for grown ups.

Below are a couple more shots I took at the game.

The Song Of The Day - Come Baby Come by K7


  1. I am glad that some one in the family can enjoy a day at the ballpark. Please tell me you at least had one Dodger Dog...oh sorry, you probably only serve "giant" dogs.

    Brudder Bri

    P.S. My fondest memory of going to Chavez Ravine was when you asked at the end, "Did we win?"

  2. your co-workers comment of, "good jon", made me smile. i can see that being said to you. but your comment of living this moment for your brother and dad, brought tears to my eyes.
    brudder bri's comment on you saying,"did we win", made me laugh out loud.
    love me
    ps- nice pix and showing some great action.

  3. Thank you for thinking of us while sitting in a luxury box. I told Uncle John about your night at the ballpark and he was thrilled. Said he'd like to sit in those seats.

    Love, Dad

  4. Even better that night was Mom asking, "How many touchdowns did we score?"

    I agree, nice action shot of the batter looking at the ball. Next time try telling the batter to use that big stick on his shoulder to hit the ball...they love hearing that kind of chatter!

    Brudder Bri

  5. what can i say, we are a sports loving family. except two of us seem to be inept. but maybe they are better with the camera?
    love to all