Monday, August 11, 2008

You Gotta Work It Out. . .

After a year and a half of not going to the gym, tonight I got off the couch and broke the non-exercise cycle!  

Go Me!

And due to the upgraded treadmills with cable TV I was able to do 3.8 miles while still watching my favorite TV show on Monday night, Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Once again I stood out like a sore thumb as everyone else had their TVs tuned to sporting events or the Olympic games.  And then there is me,  laughing out loud at six toddlers trying to climb a lighthouse's stairs.

The Song Of The Day - Work It Out by Beyonce


  1. I thought for sure you would have been using your I-Pod, Mini or latest music machine in order to hear the latest from (insert current pop artist that I would not know unless it sounds anything like High School Musical).

    For the record, last week WE went for a 4 mile hike (up, down, left right) to Fragrance Lake.



  2. i like you style, at the gym. it would be jon and kate for myself as well.
    as for the four mile hike to fragrance lake, huh, hard to beat.
    of course i myself, ride a stationary bike in my bedroom, not so many hills, and no sweating allowed.
    love me

  3. I love Jon & Kate Plus 8!! I just set a reminder on our cable box to tell me every single week that it is time to watch the show!