Sunday, August 17, 2008

Under The Bridge. . .

Saturday I took a walk to The Golden Gate Bridge.  I wanted to go the Warming Hut which is a coffee house/gift shop near the base of the bridge.   My reward for going on the long walk would be to get a drink at the Warming Hut.  On my walk I observed some really interesting things.

First up was this gentleman wearing a mask who was skimboarding on a small beach near the Marina Green.  After watching him for a several minutes I realized that out on the bay there was a low flying helicopter that was filming catamarans traveling across the bay.  Every time the helicopter and catamarans came to this side of the bay the masked skimboarder would repeat his run and glide.  Clearly he is hoping to be captured in some future film.  I then realized that means I may also be in some future film since I was standing behind him.

Next up in my journey was an art exhibition along Crissy Field.  The artwork stretched all the way from Crissy Field to the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was an art display of globes painted to represent different ways of saving the environment.  There is actually one of these globes outside one of our offices.  I just didn't realize the one at our office was part of  a larger project.

I eventually reached the Warming Hut and rewarded myself with a Chai Latte.  Since I had come this far I decided to keep going towards the bridge to touch Hopper's Hands.

Hopper's Hands is a metal plaque at the last point you can walk to before the Golden Gate Bridge.  People who run along the Marina Green use Hopper's Hands as a turn around point.  They touch the plaque and turn around.  Here is a link to the alleged origin of Hopper's Hands.

At the base of the Golden Gate Bridge is Fort Point.  Fort Point was open on Saturday and they had a Civil War era reenactment going on.  Here was the band playing outside the fort next to Hopper's Hands.

By the time I reached Fort Point it was extremely windy and cold.  Good thing I had a beanie and my North Face jacket on.  The above picture shows an interior view of the fort.  The all brick structure showcases amazing masonry work.

Fort Point was built on the edge of the water at the narrowest point of the entrance to the bay.  This would allow the soldiers an advantage in protecting the bay from an invasion.  Later, the Golden Gate Bridge was built at the same "narrowest" point which means the bridge goes directly over Fort Point.  In the above picture I am standing on the roof of Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge.  Thank you to the kind stranger who offered to take my picture.  It was so windy up there I could barely stand up without falling over.  In another shot I took which is not posted here you can see my beanie being blown off my head!

Below is another shot of the "Civil War" soldiers lining up for inspection.

The Song Of The Day - Under The Bridge by All Saints

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  1. oh what an interesting outing. how i wish i was there. great pix. did you lose your beanie? thanks for sharing. who knows what you'll find when you go for a walk. lucky you.
    love mom