Saturday, August 16, 2008

That's The Name Of The Game. . .

Friday night my friend Shagun hosted "Game Night" at her apartment and a great time was had by all.

First we feasted on Shagun's homemade lasagna.  She was a very thoughtful host who told me she purposely didn't make the lasagna too spicy since she knew I don't eat spicy things.  And for An, who likes everything super spicy she had a bottle Tabasco sauce.

After wine and food it was time to get our game on.

The first game we played was Taboo.  I had never played this game before and I was not very good at it.  In the picture below Olivier is trying to get me to say the word "Croquet." Unfortunately he misread the word and got me to say Davey "Crockett"  instead.  Needless to say we did not get the point. It was very funny.

After Taboo we played Bandu, a Jenga like game.  "Most Impressive Tower" award went to Shamoli who miraculously kept building straight up without her tower falling over.


  1. What no Star Wars Trivial Pursuit? Might I also suggest a friendly game of Spoons?


  2. well ok. i think the gathering looks fun and delicious. for some strange reason i had been thinking about star wars trivial pursuit; and then i thought i want to play spoons, soon. who knows how to play spoons? you know another good game, i always thought was password.
    a big shout out to shagun, for hosting a fun evening.
    love mom

  3. I was a two time winner that night! Yeah me!