Thursday, August 14, 2008

Show Stopping. . .

This is my co-worker Jan admiring herself in her compact.  Jan sits in the cube next to me and Friday is her birthday.   Jan also wants to be in my blog.  So happy birthday Jan!  It doesn't get much bigger than this!  All three of my loyal readers will celebrate with you!

With Jan as a cube mate I am guaranteed a laugh at least two or three times a day.

Jan is a planner and has not one, not two, not three, but five calculators on her desk.  Last week we had a minor crisis when two of the five calculators went missing.  Thankfully they have been recovered.

Jan is a former gymnast.  After she learned that I had "Googled" her history on the Internet she brought an autographed picture of herself as a white elephant gift to our office Christmas party last year.  No joke, it was a highly sought after item!  I actually stole it from the person who rightfully won it at the party and it now sits in my cube.

After numerous people seemed confused as to why I would have a picture of Jan in my cube I thought it would be best if she had a vintage picture of me in her cube.  So with the help of my dad I got a hold of my cheer leading photo and autographed it for Jan.  It now sits in her cube.

But here is the best part, sometimes my mom sends me baked goods at the office.  One time I told my mom that Jan didn't like chocolate and that she had to pick the chocolate chips out of the cookies my mom had sent.  Shortly there after a package arrived with a note partially addressed to Jan hoping she would like this batch of cookies without chocolate chips.  Jan still has the note from my mom displayed on her cube wall.  It makes me do a double take whenever my eye catches the note.  "Why is my mom's writing in Jan's cube?"  And with that I must say once again...

Happy Birthday Jan!


  1. The Bellingham Casey's would like to welcome Jan to the family. You must be very special is she is sending you cookies and a note! We were not allowed to make requests on the cookies - we were told to pick off what you didn't want (but in defense of my mom, she didn't bake many cookies that had nuts in them except around the holidays which was tough).

    Happy Birthday Jan.


    P.S. Tell Jon hello.

  2. well hooray for jan! a very happy birthday to her. and may i say she is looking very fine in her mirror compact and in her gym pix. i apologize, jon did not tell me it was your b-day. cookies would have been sent for sure. jan you have a wonderful day. i would make you some cookies jan, but we are packing and on our way to see the bellingham caseys. let me see now, no nuts , no chocolate chips, what's a mother to do? my love to jan, the bellingham csaey's, and of course to our son jon, the fun blogger. love me

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jan!!!! I has very happy to play a small part in getting that picture of Jon to you. I hope that the next time we're in the 'city' we'll get to meet you.

    Jon's Dad

  4. ahheemm...I am a regular reader!!!!

  5. see i knew jon had more than three faithful readers.
    wendy, you forgot to say happy b-day to jan.