Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bridge . . .

Over by AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants there two bridges that span the China Basin waterway.  There are signs on the bridge that say that you must call ahead if you need the bridge raised for a boat to pass under.

I had never seen the bridge raised until yesterday.

I was in a line of cars waiting to cross the bridge when suddenly an "Air Raid" type siren sounded.  Crossing gates were lowered across the roadway and the bridge slowly began to lift into the air.

There was a baseball game about to start so there were lots of people on the street and I heard several of them proclaim their excitement for getting to see the bridge in action for the first time.

After the bridge was lowered and the cars were allowed to cross, I looked down the channel and saw a small sail boat drifting along.

The Song Of The Day - London Bridge by Fergie

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  1. well i like the beautiful back ground picture. very cool!
    love, mom