Sunday, September 5, 2010

That Leaf Began To Sway . . .

I love that after four years of living in San Francisco I can still come across something new in my neighborhood.

Today after finishing my breakfast at Pergamino's; I started walking toward Fort Mason.  With my Just Jon Junk 2010 Tote Bag slung over my shoulder and filled with sunscreen, camera, lawn seat and a good book; I planned on staking a claim on the great lawn over looking the Golden Gate.

As I climbed the staircase into Fort Mason's back side I stumbled upon a Community Garden.

The Garden discovered by me in 2010 was apparently established in 1976.  

Loyal Readers, because I heed my own advise; I was certainly going to take some time to smell these flowers!


The Song Of The Day - Sparkle And Fade by Krystle Warren (Kansas City) - Not Available On iTunes


  1. after spending all day in freeway traffic trying to get to and from solvang and santa ynez, that video and outing of yours was a pleasure to view. thank you just jon. you have quite a collection of floral pictures; a lovely set of postcards.
    love, mom

  2. That was absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the spectacular bouquet!