Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Are You Looking At . . .

When the Walgreens cashier asked if I wanted a bag for my purchase I was hoping for something a little more discrete than the giant clear plastic garbage bag that she proceeded to put my item into.

After a long day at work I was not really looking forward to navigating the center aisle of a crowded bus with my giant trash bag of toilet paper.

It was amazing the stares I got from people as I walked down the street with my clear Santa Claus sack filled with Quilted Northern.

Then, once I got on the bus it was like people didn't want to stand close to the guy with the twelve pack of TP.

OK, maybe the stares were not because of the twelve double rolls of toilet paper in my clear garbage bag.

Maybe, just maybe, people were staring at my pants that I had rolled up to be "man" Capris.

It was 86 degrees in San Francisco today.  I stand proud in my rolled up pants and TOMS shoes.

Oh, and if you need to borrow any toilet paper, I have a few rolls!

The Song Of The Day - Vogue By Madonna


  1. this is why i shop at costco and drive home, so no one on the bus will stare at me... next time i will take you. that stuff will last you a year!

  2. don't be giving away that tp! it's valuable stuff! and northern is a great brand, but like the add says on tv with the mama bear and baby bear, it does leave some little white balls. i think they want you to purchase charmin. i say what's a few white balls? enough of that topic, i guess.
    on to the man capris. i see nothing wrong with them either. in fact i was rolling up my pants so often, i finally just cut them off. i love them! i think i had better get off that topic also, cuz you all know what a fashionista i am.

    love, mom

  3. I agree with SK. Get your t.p. from Costco - there you can get 30 rolls in one package!!! Imagine the looks you would get if you took the bus home with 30 rolls ....

  4. YES!!! now i know where to come when the empty tragedy of my bathroom hits! haha.. just kidding.


    are tom's comfortable for this city's walking needs? looking good! :)