Friday, September 3, 2010

September . . .

It's not uncommon for San Franciscans to collect and save their Muni bus passes.  These colorful little rectangle pieces of paper are the one bright spot about riding public transit.  

It is kind of like Christmas each month when the envelope from WageWorks, Inc. arrives in the mail with the new monthly bus pass.  

What color combination will it be this time?

July 07's Red White and Blue was perfectly patriotic.

Aug 09's Purple and Yellow was a slam dunk for any LA Lakers fan.

The color combinations never seem to be repeated.

As I tore open the envelope this month, I was excited to see that Sept 2010 finally put my high school colors Orange and Blue together. 

Now every time I pull my bus pass out I can think about the Chaminade Eagles.

I am glad this happened now because in 2011 they are discontinuing the Muni bus passes and transitioning to a regional pass system called Clipper.  The new "Clipper" pass will never have the charm and character of the Muni dual colors mixed with a dash of silver iridescence.

In other September News . . .

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks for its limited seasonal run!

Can I get a Yum Yum?!?

The Song Of The Day - Cry For You by September


  1. Giants baseball cap, and citing the Lakers colors. You have become a 'sports page junkie'


  2. I will confess that I bought a bottle of Torrani Pumpkin SPice syrup way back to tide me thru spring and summer months when only a pumpkin spice coffee will do! Yums up!