Monday, September 6, 2010

In The Streets . . .

Street tacos seem to be all the rage the last few years.  

These little mini tacos are usually made with some form of meat piled high on two tiny stacked tortillas.

Leave it to me to discover the next trend - "Street Burritos."

I discovered Street Burritos by accident really.

You see Loyal Readers, I had eaten a late breakfast that was so filling I skipped lunch and was not really hungry for dinner.  Then by eight o'clock I suddenly had the cravings for a burrito.

I threw on my sweatshirt and started walking to Nick's Crispy Tacos on Polk Street.

I ordered the Pollo Burrito.

When the server handed me my "To Go" bag I was surprised that my burrito weighed about as much as a brick.

I started my walk home and was about a block away from my apartment when the bag ripped and my burrito when kurplunk onto the street below.

As I looked at my giant burrito laying in the middle of the street I immediately thought of the three second rule.  

"Pick it up,  pick it up,  pick it up!" I said to myself.

My brief inspection in the dark left me hopeful.

It looked like the two layers of aluminum foil had kept the burrito protected.

When I reached my apartment I took a closer look. 

Was my burrito going to be edible?

The first layer of the foil was covered in gravel.

As I slowly peeled the first layer back the second layer was clean.

Thank you Jesus!   (Not the man upstairs, the worker at the taco place who double layered the foil!)

The Song Of The Day - Out In The Streets by Blondie


  1. Very cute..Jesus...haha..glad the burrito was saved! Alex and friends love a particular taco vendor in North Hollywood. It would make me a bit nervous but with thet quantities those boys eat, if they have not gotten ill by now, they never will.He even orders the lingua, and cabesa! He gets that from his fathers roots!

  2. i guess you found the true meaning of, "street burritos"; possibly why some people do not eat street food. maybe we worry too much. like you say we always have the 3 sec. rule, and that seems to work quite well. keep enjoying!
    love, mom

  3. Thank you "Jesus"! hehehhee. That was so cute! I thought this post was about street vendors selling burritos. Hmmmm how I love burritos.

    And I did see "I seen Beyonce at Burger King". It's funny but I prefer the ice cream one (for obvious reasons). LOL *kisses*